Pixka bat es mucho

Gaur, oposizioetako azterketa dudan honetan, euskararen aldeko zerbait jarri nahi dut hemen, labur-labur, berrikusi behar ditut apunteak eta. Bideoklip miresgarri hau egin dute Hizkuntza Politikako Sailburuordetzatik. Ea gustuko duzun! (eta opa zorte on azterketan!)

In this videoclip above you can see some young people encouraging everyone to talk or learn Basque, our national language. Today I am going to take the exam to become Basque Teacher Civil Servant. This post wants to be kind of a homage to my mother tongue. Wish me good luck!!

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Marcel erabiltzaileak esan du...

I wish you good luck. It's very important to preserve our language.

Marcel, from Catalonia

loximann erabiltzaileak esan du...

Learning languages is cool. Now I am trying Finnish and Swedish... I'm getting a pretty awful mess in my head, hehehe. By the way, there is something to learn here (Finland) about integration, and how two comunities, with clearly distinct languages and cultural identities are able to live and let live in the same space.
In Spain we have a very bad problem in this aspect, because everyone wants to impose their own business. In monolingual regions the usage of other languages is seen as an attack to the Spanish identity, while in bilingual ones the intention is to change the mother tongue of people to the local one, disregarding the fact that Spanish is the mother tongue of a large group of people. For instance, I don't understand why I should learn Basque if I want to be a school Science teacher in Vitoria if I would be teaching to Spanish speaking students...

But of course Basque must be encouraged. Basque, and French, and English and German and Japanese. We stink at languages, all over the bloody country, which makes us so self-centered and oblivious about the world beyond our own small town... It's a pity.

Take care, Koldo :)